Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I am a Canadian of Greek descent. My early interest in Greek mythology sparked a profound love for history and storytelling, resulting in my Bachelor of Arts in History and passions in writing, film, and photography.

A pre-teen introduction to Monty Python fueled a passion for interpreting and understanding the world through a humorous lens, while discovering writers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Franz Kafka during my early university years, inspired a more critical perspective, often coupled with the very same dosage of humor.

My first publication, a novella titled 'A Simple Task', is the novelization of an amateur short film created during the latter half of his Bachelor's of Education program, inspired by the events and experiences of the program, alongside all of my idles and influences mentioned above.

As someone who loves and values storytelling of all forms, I endeavor to contribute and create in any way I can.